THE decision to suspend the alcohol licence of a Boscombe pool bar has been made permanent.

Dorset Police used expedited powers for the first time in seven years to temporarily revoke the licence for Bar 7 after a serious assault in which a man was left with what were believed to be “potentially life-threatening” injuries.

At a behind-closed-doors hearing on Monday, a BCP Council licensing sub-committee decided to make the move permanent.

When an expedited review is called, councils must meet within 48 hours to consider interim actions before a full hearing 28 days later.

The power is reserved for cases where businesses are believed to be associated with serious crime or disorder.

It was last used by Dorset Police in 2013.

But on January 30, it invoked it for Bar 7, five days after the assault in which a man was left with what were originally believed to be “potentially life-threatening” injuries.

The council’s licensing sub-committee met in Bournemouth the following day and found there was “a lack of control” at the bar and that its management “had not taken its responsibilities seriously”, withdrawing its alcohol licence and removing the bar’s designated premises supervisor.

A full hearing was held on Monday at which these measures were made permanent.

The meeting took place in private for legal reasons.

In a statement, a council spokesman said: “At the review hearing, the licensing sub-committee considered the written and verbal representations from Dorset Police and the council’s licensing officers in relation to the application for an expedited review.

“The sub-committee confirmed the removal of the designated premises supervisor from the licence, and that the suspension of the licence is now upgraded to revocation of the premises licence on the grounds of public safety and the prevention of crime and disorder.”