RESIDENTS of East Dorset towns could see their bin collections changing, Dorset Council officials say.

There may be some amendments to kerbside waste collections in the coming weeks.

Although most people are unlikely to notice a difference, council staff will write to those who will be affected.

Officials from the authority say they have also started changing the types of vehicles used on some collection rounds in East Dorset after a number of the older vehicles were involved in breakdowns.

As part of other changes, different bins may be emptied by more than one crew on collection days.

Vehicles, uniforms and bins will start to display the Dorset Council logo, instead of Dorset Waste Partnership.

It comes as the Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) brand is 'retired'. DWP officially ceased to exist in April 2019, when the new BCP Council was formed.

Company staff, who were previously employed by Dorset County Council, transferred to Dorset Council at the time.