A CHINESE takeaway was told to address more than 25 issues found by food hygiene inspectors.

Wong’s Dragon, in Oakdale Road, Poole, received a rating of one by BCP Council officers, meaning “major improvement was necessary” at the establishment.

A follow up visit was made to ensure actions had been taken by the business’s operators.

Issues raised by the inspectors following their visit to the premises included:

  • Several pieces of raw chicken observed in the sink, which would contaminate the area
  • Bread and cooked rice cooling next to defrosting raw chicken breast and a colander dripping raw meat juices
  • No reliable method of date coding food stored in the freezers and refrigerators
  • Deep clean of kitchen required
  • Action needed to ensure sufficient cleaning and storage to discourage pests following several isolated incidents

A summary of advice following the inspection said: “An upgrade to the finish and structure would assist with cleaning and pest proofing of the premises.

“You have a number of domestic style wooden and pine units that are not ideal for a commercial business as they are not easy to keep clean. Some of the paintwork is dirty and some wall tiles are missing.

“Although it may not be financially viable in the short term to upgrade the premises it should be planned for over the medium to long term and should help you obtain a good rating that you can sustain.”

Council officers returned to Wong’s Dragon last month and found the concerns raised had been acted on.

The Daily Echo first requested information on the food hygiene rating of the business on January 20 and did not receive a response, including a copy of the inspection report, from the local authority for 17 days.

Councillor Lewis Allison, BCP Council cabinet member for communities, said: “The initial inspection was undertaken December 10, 2019, and a follow up re-visit on January 21, 2020. At the time of the re-visit, substantial improvements had been made. To date the business has not applied for a re-rate but if they were to do so it is expected that a higher rating would be awarded.”