A MAN who lives with nine fully-sized plastic dolls at his Christchurch home took a dead sheep and deer into his bedroom, a court heard on Friday.

A photograph of a “possibly naked” Everard Cunion posing with the sheep carcass was found by police as they raided his home in connection with a separate offence.

The 63-year-old appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court to be sentenced after admitting making indecent images of children, possessing prohibited images and possessing extreme pornography.

Police discovered the images when investigating allegations of harassment and stalking.

Cunion, of Fairmile Road, later admitted both counts. He had rekindled an infatuation for a schoolfriend 50 years later and begun stalking her, despite not having seen her since they left school in 1972.

Sadie Rizzo, prosecuting, said: “Mr Cunion had his computer seized from his home in September 2018 in relation to an unrelated investigation. Police then examined his computer and he was arrested again in June 2019.”

Seven cartoon-style images featuring children were found, along with four photographs in category C.

Among 20 extreme porn images found was a picture featuring Cunion with the dead sheep.

He later told police he had found the sheep on a farm before taking it back to his home and posing with it.

“He went on to describe another incident involving a deer," Ms Rizzo said.

Asked about the images, Cunion admitted he had taken them, but said it was “many years ago”.

Judge Oba Nsugbe QC asked: “As far as we can know, does he give a rational explanation for what can only be described as depraved behaviour?”

Kevin Hill, mitigating, said Cunion hadn’t offered any explanation to the Probation Service, but said officers from the service believe he does not pose a serious risk to the public.

“He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2019. He has been through chemotherapy,” Mr Hill said.

“He tells me that has reduced his interest in sex.”

Mr Hill said Cunion was “in fear of the prison environment”.

Judge Nsugbe told the defendant there was an “element of depravity” to his offending.

“Despite careful enquiries and long discussions, the Probation Service is unable to fully understand what precisely drove you to have this activity in your life,” he said.

“Your view is that you weren’t harming anybody, and it’s entirely something you kept to yourself.

“Whether you kept it to yourself or not, it’s illegal.”

The judge said he had the choice between a short custodial sentence and a community order, and had decided the public would be best served by Cunion continuing to work with officials.

Cunion received a 12-month community order with 30 rehabilitation activity requirement days and a five-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order.