LONGHAM Bridge is an accident waiting to happen.

Today in the pouring rain, the water was right up to the bridge. Oncoming traffic was at a standstill as an articulated lorry was blocking the bridge. This bridge was built for horses and carts and light traffic. After a lot of shunting, we all moved on. This should not happen. With all the water and constant lorries, this bridge will get weaker at some time, then it will be too late.

The lorries should be diverted or a weight restriction imposed. Nearly every month one of the walls is taken out. It must be costing the council a lot of money and manpower and a lot of hassle for the motorist.

This is an extremely busy road. It would cause major disruption should this road be closed.


Knights Road, Bearwood

What use is listing?

IN light of the decision by BCP Council’s planning committee to unanimously refuse the latest application for Wilderton House, it became apparent during submissions, that although the building is a ‘locally listed’ property, this designation appeared to offer little or no protection to the property’s condition. That is to say that it has been allowed to deteriorate by the owners, with no enforcement by the council to maintain it in good condition.

My questions are: What exactly does ‘locally listed’ offer? What is the point of designating a site as ‘locally listed’ if that designation offers no protection and thus renders the council toothless? Is it time to drop this classification as a waste of resource and release such properties back to the wild?


Wilderton Road West, Poole