A WOMAN has left disappointed after the council said they’d cleared up rubbish which was fly tipped outside her work, but when she checked, the rubbish was still there.

Nathalie Camus, 45, works at Ceuta Group at the top of Richmond Hill and she said the problem of fly tipping has been gradually getting worse.

Items dumped in the hedges off Dalkeith Lane have included a mattress, a table and a plasma-screen TV.

Ms Camus said: “I have worked in this part of Bournemouth for 18 years. I reported (the fly tipping) first about 18 months ago.

“In the last few weeks, it has picked up again. We reported it to the council, nothing happened so we, as a business, paid someone to come and remove it privately.”

Ms Camus said the business paid £150 to get the rubbish removed.

“Now there is a table, a mirror, a TV and other various items just outside the office.

“We reported it again to the council and they said the rubbish had been removed.

“I could see it from the window, it definitely had not been removed whatsoever.

“It makes me so sad, having to see it. It is so disappointing that businesses are having to pay extortionate business rates to have things like this.

“People are, more and more, getting disappointed in the town in general. It is dirty and doesn’t feel safe.

“I just think it’s a shame we are the ones clearing up the mess. It’s getting consistently worse.”

Councillor Felicity Rice, cabinet member for environment and climate change: “Following reports of a fly tipped mattress in Richmond Gardens, adjacent to a pathway called Dalkeith Lane, our cleansing operations team were quick to attend and remove the item.

“A second incident was also reported, and the waste promptly removed.

“We take any reports of fly tipping very seriously and will prosecute anyone caught illegally dumping any kind of waste on public land.”