ARE you still feeling confident that, having left the EU, Britain will now be a thriving, prosperous nation?

That special deal with the US, was just talk!

Now, we seek more co-operation from the Chinese!

Leading estate agents are confirming, because Brexit is far from done, it continues to have an effect upon the property market and prices achieved are falling. Only those which have to sell are being sold. That is, accepting lower bids. My impression is that a lot of property has been taken off the market whilst others now have more than one agent.

The car industry is in freefall and yet you were told it was safe here in the UK.

Banks are not out of trouble and again, you were told we were the leading country for financial services.

We have a Prime Minister, who is in my view, is an embarrassment.

He insists his ministers do as they are told, or be sacked.

Remind you of anyone? Yes, the Trump.

We will not get a bail out from the EU, should our economy collapse.

There is a very strong possibility Northern Ireland will join the rest of the Ireland and remain within the EU.

Scotland will apply for separation from England, and re-join the European Union. Leaving a struggling Wales still attached to England, which they don’t like.

I believe there is an urgent need now to campaign to re-join the EU.

The world economy is not in good shape therefore we the UK are not going to get any advantage, trying to stitch up trade deals and so on, on our own.

The EU will always get a better deal.

I remind readers yet again, as member of the EU we were the second strongest economy within the then-28. We were the third largest member via population.

We should have been running the EU. But no, you were taken in by the likes of Nigel Farage and other Brexiteers, who now having got their way, have no clue what to do next.

Finally, about half of the voting population did not want to leave the EU.

The trouble was, their support was split amongst the Remain parties whilst Leave went mainly to the Conservatives. UKIP and the Brexit Party achieved nothing!


Bisterne Close