FOOTAGE captures the moment a forces helicopter hovered low over fields close to the A31 in the New Forest after the incident sparked safety fears.

A member of the public, who has asked not to be named, filmed the incident on Tuesday.

It is the fifth time in a week that the aircraft was involved in manoeuvres at a World War Two airfield near Stoney Cross, according to reports.

The airfield is managed by Forestry England.

The woman who recorded the footage said the aircraft was close to traffic avoiding an accident.

It also hovered close to visitors to the New Forest and families enjoying a half-term break.

“The military helicopter hovered below 30 metres altitude, less than 50 metres from a stream of traffic avoiding an accident on the A31,” she said.

“It then moved position to hover at the same low level less than 30 metres from a public car park where unsuspecting dog walkers and half-term holidaymakers were parked.

“While not breaking any regulations, consider the distraction to drivers and the risk to public safety.

“Given the Civil Aviation Authority report in light of the Shoreham airshow accident provides a minimum safe distance between public and aircraft should be 230 feet during air shows, how can military aircraft on manoeuvres, where there is no warning for the public, flying this close to the public be considered safe?”

Eleven people died when a pilot crashed at the airshow on August 22 2015.

A report by the Air Accidents Investigations Branch (AAIB) found the pilot may have flown too low and too slowly to complete a loop the loop display.

A Royal Navy spokesperson said yesterday the Wildcat helicopter was flown over the New Forest “within agreed flight safety parameters”.

“The Royal Navy can confirm that the helicopter seen over the New Forest was a Wildcat helicopter from 1 Army Air Corps. based at RNAS Yeovilton,” the spokesperson said.

“It was on a routine training flight.

“At all times the helicopter operated within agreed flight safety perimeters.”