Pets mean the world to most families, with their happiness and wellbeing top of our list of priorities.

And on Love Your Pet Day (which was yesterday), the Dogs Trust shared some top tips on how we can show our animals some extra love.

After polling 2,000 dog owners, 72% of people say they wish their dog could talk.

Among the top questions owners said they would most want to ask their dogs if they could talk, were

  • “Are you happy?” (70%)
  • “How could I make your life happier?” (49%)
  • “Do you understand me when I talk to you?” (51%)
  • “What do you dream about?” (41%)
  •  “Do you love me?” (38%)

 1. Have a treasure hunt – hide some of your dog’s favourite treats in different rooms around the house and see how quickly they manage to locate them.

2. Play their favourite game – Catch? Fetch? Tug of war? They’re all great fun to your dog! Show them some love by spending time playing their favourite game with them.

3. Make them their very own Snuffle Mat! - A snuffle mat is an enrichment toy that encourages your dog to sniff and search out hidden treats amongst the mat.

4. Build them a Doggy Den - has your dog’s bed been looking pretty well lived in recently? Create your furry friend a cosy, comfortable place to sleep.

5. Teach them some new tricks- With our easy to follow Dog School videos or enrolling them in some classes.

6. Take your dog out on an adventure to their favourite walking location. Allow them to have a run around and really stretch their legs!

7. Teach your dog to treat bob – Keep your dog entertained with these easy to make toys by following these simple instructions.

8. Give them a squeaky-clean smile - Dental hygiene is important for dogs. Head to our advice page to follow our helpful guide on how to brush their teeth.

9. Buy your dog a new collar – Your dog wears their collar 24/7, so why not make sure it’s nice, comfortable ‘fetch’ing?! Head here to get a personalised dog tag to complete the look.

10. Make them a delicious treat - There are plenty of recipes for treats which can be eaten at all times of the year on our website, including dog friendly pancakes and mince pies.