I AM grateful for Catherine Beale in her letter (February 12) reminding readers about the lack of blue plaques in Bournemouth to celebrate the achievements of women.

The former Bournemouth council abolished their Blue Plaque scheme many years ago, but perhaps the new BCP authorities would be pleased to reconsider this.

The gender imbalance in the current set of plaques is quite shocking. I have looked at the list and discovered seven plaques to women, and over 20 to men. A serious omission in this day and age.

I would certainly like to nominate Elisabeth Scott, the Pier Theatre architect, as a contender for a start. Perhaps local groups or individuals might like to carry out some research and suggest other suitable candidates.

BCP Council’s new corporate strategy has prioritised “connected communities”, and wishes to empower local people so that we feel engaged and included.

Supporting projects such as this might be a useful way of making a start on this ambitious strategy.


Twemlow Avenue, Poole