A MOPED rider who should still have been on L-plates 'bolted from traffic police' who spotted him 'dangerously weaving in and out of traffic in Poole'.

Officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team were on patrol when they saw the rider, who they say had "little or no consideration for his safety or that of others", on Thursday.

After illuminating the blue lights in a bid to pull the rider over, officers say they were "shocked" to see the little vehicle accelerating away from them.

"The moped was then witnessed jumping a red light, before disappearing out of sight of the police vehicle," the officer said.

"However, the team had the registration and attended the rider's home address.

"The moped was on the drive and the rider was just about to enter the house.

"A quick check and the team were surprised to find that the documentation for this vehicle was all in order.

"The way it was driven, they were expecting it not to be."

However, the moped rider wasn't using an L-plate – and his bike was seized by police. The rider was also reported for driving without a licence, jumping a red light and failing to stop.

"This isn't a good start to his driving career – he's already on three points," the officer alleged.