I THINK its disgraceful that BCP Council are not pulling out all the stops to help Beales at Bournemouth and all the shops in Christchurch and Poole. Why?

Christchurch is definitely not the same. It’s supposed to draw in tourists. Where does the money go? Not on keeping a beautiful quay even lovelier and a town to be a pleasure to look around.

One valid good reason please.

Locals who have supported them with their loyalty mostly don’t have the luxury of going online or a car to go further afield. Some who do don’t want to shop online.

Who sits behind a desk and makes these decisions without a thought for us?

I’m not just speaking for myself, I’m speaking for everyone.

Yes, shops may have needed some changes and updating but that’s where you come in and work with them, not give up and throw high business rates. I’m sure its not the only reason.

With the large shops that are empty, could it not be planned to accommodate say four smaller shops thereby sharing costs? You don’t need to be a genius to think of that.

I challenge you to convince me that skeleton towns are appealing.


Fairmile, Christchurch