A DETECTIVE constable dismissed without notice after groping a woman in the kitchen of her home won’t be the subject of any criminal charges, it has been confirmed.

As reported, former DC Nick Gravenor was the subject of a public misconduct hearing following an investigation into allegations that he had used inappropriate sexualised language toward a colleague and subjected her to unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature.

It was found by an independent panel that the breaches amounted to gross misconduct.

However, Mr Gravenor can’t be charged with a criminal offence in relation to the incidents – because there’s not enough evidence.

During the hearing, it was said that the officer visited the woman, a colleague, at her home, pushed her against a table and pulled off her top. He then grabbed her and kissed her before lifting her onto a table and groping her.

The incident left the woman, named only as ‘M’, frightened and fearing she would be raped, it was heard.

Charles Apthorp, representing Dorset Police at DC Gravenor’s misconduct hearing, said the woman “felt weak, frightened, and was concerned she was going to be raped”.

On another occasion and while on duty, DC Gravenor took the woman to a pitch-black tunnel at a Napoleonic fort on Portland and molested her, it was alleged.

Yesterday, officials from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) confirmed the ex detective will not face charges.

“We carefully considered the allegations but concluded there was insufficient evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction,” the CPS spokesperson said.

“The standard of proof in civil disciplinary hearings is lower to that applied in criminal cases.”

A spokesperson from Dorset Police said: “This matter was the subject of a full and appropriate investigation in line with our statutory obligations and the relevant legislation.

“Following consultation with the CPS, no charges were brought.”