SUSTAINABLE fashion is taking the world by storm, with more people than ever shopping consciously and avoiding fast fashion.

A clothes shop in Poole offers funky, recycled fashion and encourages people to 'Buy. Wear. Swap. Repeat.'

'Buy. Wear. Swap. Repeat' (commonly known as 'REPEAT') on Bournemouth Road, Poole, is run by Anna-Maria and Jemma, two enthusiastic friends who are keen to change people's approach to fashion.

After meeting on the school run, they realised that they shared a love of fashion and were always in each other's wardrobes.

This sparked inspiration for 'REPEAT', a shop that offers second hand rails full of unique and vintage clothes and shoes, as well as items that can be hired and returned.

The pair noticed that people were getting rid of amazing items, so were keen to open somewhere clothes would be sold and not thrown away.

Jemma said: "People are now realising that they need to be more sustainable and shop second-hand. We can’t continue with the throwaway society that we’re in."

Second-hand clothes aren't the only things that are second-hand in 'REPEAT'.

From the eclectic mix of clothing on the rails to the quirky decor lining the walls, 'REPEAT' epitomises second-hand and recycling.

Anna-Maria said: "We have a lot of fun with interiors and clothes. Some of the decor even came from my loft."

'REPEAT' also focuses on the importance of an enjoyable shopping experience, with Jemma and Anna-Maria keen to help and advise customers.

They also want customers to have the opportunity to try on clothes they would have never previously considered wearing.

Anna-Maria explained: "Online shopping lacks in that interaction you get in shops.

"We’re set apart from charity shops as we involve people in the cycle of clothes. People aren’t just dumping clothes and leaving."

Their involvement with the customers is also demonstrated by their offering of 'in-store credit.'

When people bring in their clothes, they receive a certain amount of 'credit' (based on the amount of clothes they bring in) which they can spend in store.

Jemma and Anna-Maria also offer outfit parties/events, which can include £35 hair and make-up sessions.

Despite only opening in November 2019, there are big plans in store for 'REPEAT'.

Jemma and Anna-Maria hope to hold a variety of swap events, work with Julia's House, expand their social media platforms and set up a local charity.

They are moving towards using social media more to "keep that learning process going."

By expanding their unique brand, Jemma and Anna-Maria want to represent all shapes and sizes and encourage a variety of people to get involved.

"We really recognise the fact that people are looking online for lots of inspiration, so we want to represent and celebrate all shapes and sizes," Anna-Maria added.

With big plans for a future in sustainable shopping, Jemma and Anna-Maria are hoping that other people share their vision, reducing fashion production and the impact it has on the environment.

Jemma explained her thoughts on the future of fast fashion: "I think the High Street will die in 10 years time. I think there will be a limit to the amount of clothes companies can produce each year.

"Fast fashion is dying and second-hand fashion is becoming more popular."

'REPEAT' is open Wednesday-Saturday 10-3pm.

To find out more, visit: