WE have recently been made aware of the dangers that face the planet if we continue to eat meat. All arriving on our dinner plate, mind you, via a stringent passage of rules and regulations.

Horsemeat was found to have been used in the production of burgers a while back and while nobody witnessed the public clearing nine-bar gates, those held responsible were made to answer for their actions. And rightly so.

Why then do governments around the globe remain muted as to giving an opinion as to what can be sold for human consumption in places like Wuhan, where the coronavirus started?

Bats, hedgehogs, spiders and snakes, plus others, were discovered on sale at an open air market. Live birds with their wings taped up are said to await diners in other parts of the country.

We in the UK seem to be monitored and keep within the guidelines on what is and what is not safe to eat. About time that the powers that be used their influence across the world to try and teach others to do likewise, for everybody’s wellbeing


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