A photographer has told of the terrifying moment she was dragged into the sea by a ‘deadly, rogue wave’ at a popular beauty spot - and has pleaded with others to take care at the beach.

Sandy Knight says the tide was out and it was a clear day when she crouched down on the beach to capture some photos of Durdle Door.

But, out of nowhere, a huge wave knocked her off her feet and swept her into the sea.

A second wave hit Sandy but, thankfully, didn't force her further under and instead washed her back up the beach.

Sandy said: “As it retreated, pulling me back down a second time, I slammed my camera into the water and shingle to get enough of a grip to slow the drag backwards. Thankfully it worked and I was able to scramble back out from there.

“The scariest point wasn't when it happened, it was when a local photographer told me that there had been deadly rogue waves there before and that most people don't realise that they happen.”

Sandy, who was visiting from Rochester in Kent, says she feels lucky to have escaped unharmed - but wants to warn others to take care at the beach even when conditions are calm.

“People should be a little more wary of the unexpected,” she said. “Especially when they feel the beach is a 'safe' one. Just half an hour after my incident, I saw two teen girls taking a selfie at the rock and one got knocked down by a wave. They screamed and laughed as they ran out of the water and went away with a funny story with their selfie - but it rang alarm bells to me about the importance of sharing my story.”

In April 2018, five-year-old Rose Carter died after she was knocked off her feet by a freak wave and pulled out to sea at Durdle Door.

“That really made me realise how lucky I had been,” said Sandy. “I think this is a warning that needs to be spread. There is danger even on an innocent-looking day.”