POLICE on patrol in a stretch of road where two people were killed last year caught a driver travelling at more than double the speed limit.

Officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team were in Ringwood Road at the weekend after a pedestrian and a biker died in October last year.

The incident happened late at night outside the Turbary Retail Park.

The police team monitored the road, which has a 40 mile per hour speed limit, on Saturday night.

Officials said: "Speed checks were conducted near to a previous fatal crash site.

"Within 45 minutes, three cars were spotted travelling 205mph in total. The highest reading was 81moh.

"The drivers said they were in a hurry to get home."

Earlier that evening, the officers arrested a 21-year-old BMW driver allegedly seen 'racing' another car through busy Old Christchurch Road in Bournemouth town centre.

PCs had been in an unmarked car when they spotted the BMW being driven 'too close' to other vehicles.

"This car was registered in the Woking area and only had a female on the insurance," the team's spokesperson claimed.

"As you can imagine, at this time of night there were a few intoxicated people out and about on foot enjoying themselves."

The BMW parked near the unmarked police car. Officers boxed the BMW in and switched their blue lights on.

"The driver then immediately climbed over into the front passenger seat and exited the car," the officer said.

"He had nowhere to go and was trying to say he wasn't driving."

The driver was held by officers, who alleged they quickly discovered he has been banned from the roads until August next year and has just been released from prison for offences of dangerous driving and failing to stop.

"Due to his attitude and lack of remorse it's also felt that if we had attempted to stop him on the move, he might have failed to stop again," the officer said.

"We're pleased this wasn't the case this time, as the risks involved in any pursuit are high.

"The driver said he had driven from Woking to Bournemouth for a night out with his friends and was planning to drive back again that night.

"It's unbelievable that he thought that was a good idea while disqualified.

"He also has bail conditions to live and sleep in Woking for another matter so he still has to go back."

Officers seized the car. The driver has been reported to court.