RECENTLY there is been much discussion about the problems associated with the antisocial behaviour of youths in Poole bus station.

We hear from the BCP Council portfolio holder for transport that 'multi-agency work was been carried out to attempt to resolve the issues in and around the bus station'.

Well let's hope we see some improvements – however, many users of the bus station find it to be a dark, dirty and intimidating place even in broad daylight.

Well here is a suggestion to brighten the place up, as BCP Council own the waiting area and canopy – paint the floor in the waiting area right out to the kerb with heavy duty industrial bright white floor paint.

This would immediately reflect and brighten the whole surroundings, instantly making them less intimidating, rather than the dull and dirty concrete that passengers have to walk and stand on whilst queueing for a bus.

So, come on BCP Council, do something positive that we can all see the result of – you own it so you paint it.


Harkwood Drive, Poole