A FATHER and son accused of 'overcharging for building works' will face a trial after pleading not guilty to the offences against them.

Kevin Sherwood senior, of Wimborne Road in Bournemouth, and Kevin Sherwood junior, of Craigmoor Avenue in Bournemouth, have been charged with two counts of fraud.

The men, 60 and 38, are accused of making false representations.

Prosecutors allege they claimed £126,000 was a fair price for building works at a home in Hiley Road, Poole on dates between July and November 2017, and that £50,000 was a fair price for works at Highfield Road, Wimborne on dates between December 2016 and October 2017.

At a plea and trial preparation hearing at Bournemouth Crown Court this week, the men pleaded not guilty. A trial date was set for November 9 this year.