HAVING read the letter from your reader Dave Turner regarding idiot drivers, oh I couldn’t agree more!

Travelling on the Spur Road to work I am astounded at the number of drivers who have a total disregard for the Highway Code. Tailgating is the norm for many on a wet dark morning. Just observe how fast and close cars are to each other on the outside lane, yet somehow drivers on the inside lane seem to be able to achieve a safe braking distance. Why is this, I wonder?

And am I alone in wondering why drivers who wish to continue on the Wessex Way towards Cooper Dean think it’s ok for them to approach the Richmond Hill slipway on the inside lane (clearly signposted as the exit lane), only to cut in at the last minute to continue on their merry way?

These are not hapless tourists who don’t realise they are in the wrong lane and then have to switch. No, these drivers have every intention of coming up on the inside lane and then cutting in. It won’t be long before an accident happens here. What an irony when the purpose was to make the area safer.

I’m not a perfect driver, but I try and drive with respect for the road and my fellow drivers. Is this too much to ask of these reckless drivers? Sadly, I think it is.


Franklyn Close, Poole