SUPER slimmers from across Dorset have been sharing their success stories with the Daily Echo.

Last month, we invited readers to tell us about their weight loss achievements to help inspire others at a time when many people are making changes to their habits after Christmas.

We asked readers to share their before and after pictures and the results are astonishing.

A total of 13 readers have been in touch so far and have a combined weight loss of 60 stone between them. Among them is Julian Singh who joined Slimming World in December 2018 weighing in at almost 22 stone.

Bournemouth Echo:

He has since lost five-and-a-half stone and has dropped five trouser sizes from a 3XL to a large.

He said: “I feel alive, more confident, the effect on my mental health has been incredible and I've got a new job. Slimming World has changed my life forever, and I have three square meals a day.”

Lewis Vye said he has lost over 100 pounds and is about to receive a BSc in Fitness & Personal Training from Solent University.

Mary Ackerman said she had lost two stone and ten pounds with Slimming World.

Bournemouth Echo:

She said: “Losing weight has had a massive impact on my health and confidence, meaning I’ve been able to walk further than I could before especially after a foot injury.”

While Samantha Pearce has lost two stone and two pounds after a photo in Christmas 2018 motivated her to make changes.

Samantha said: “With the right mind and support anything is possible, I am a happier person with get up and go, and really importantly to me I am a happier mum actually doing activities with my children and family.”

Laura Sayers said she has lost seven stone in seven months by following The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

Bournemouth Echo:

She said: “I was shocked into sorting my weight out after the sudden death of my auntie in 2017 within two weeks of her funeral I was on plan and losing weight.”

Ian McDonald said he was able to wear trousers he could last fit in 10 years ago after losing five stone in six months.

Bournemouth Echo:

Ian McDonald

Peter Loizou has lost six-and-a-half-stone and is planning to undertake a 100km challenge from London to Brighton for the British Heart Foundation.

Bournemouth Echo:

Peter Loizou

Bournemouth Echo:

April Brown

April Brown and Kirsty Ginger are celebrating shedding six stone each while Selina Dudley has shed four stone.

Bournemouth Echo:

Kirsty Ginger

Kelly Penny has lost over four stone and said she was feeling “fantastic”.

Bournemouth Echo:

She said: “Last May I decided I needed to do something about my weight and lifestyle, I had been overweight since my early 20s and just couldn't get inspired to lose weight and get fit. I work a mixture of shifts due to working for the ambulance service so that means my body clock is constantly changing and that can make it harder to lose weight and maintain a healthy diet.”

Angela Roth, who has also had success with Slimming World, said: “Discovering who I am, what makes me struggle and how I'm likely to behave during those difficult times has given me a whole new awareness of how best I can support myself and stay at the weight I so enjoy being. I feel fitter, healthier and happier now than I ever did as a young woman.”

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