THIS applies to those who live in and around the area of Christchurch

I ask Echo readers, do they feel the newly formed BCP Council is making decisions that are not in the best interest of local people or the area?

The reason I am asking this is that I am experiencing a planning related issue – an objection raised by the BCP highways about access to my own parking space from the A35, even though I was given approval by the Dorset highways few months ago.

I have heard similar stories from others, for example: annual Stanpit fireworks and the bonfire had to be cancelled last year on “health and safety” grounds despite the fact that it has been going on for the past 60-odd years.

Another example is Pit site car park in Christchurch will be close permanently once Astor homes will commence building on the old police station site.

Pit site car park is a popular and useful parking space for town centre parking. Astor Homes’ development includes commercial units whilst those who visit Christchurch town centre frequently know that the high street is struggling.

So I feel that the BCP Council is not concerned with what is in the best interest of people living in Christchurch (although we pay higher council tax rates). Decisions are made in ivory towers that have no bearing on what the majority of local people want or based on ground reality.


Stour Road, Christchurch