THOUSANDS of drivers have reported potholes to councils across Dorset so far this winter.

In the Dorset Council area there were 2,156 reported incidents between November 1 and January 21.

BCP Council saw 408 highway defects in November, the latest figures available.

Furious drivers are being forced to fork out hundreds of pounds to repair damage caused by potholes.

Burst tyres and damaged wheels are common as temperatures plummet at this time of year.

We asked you to send us pictures of the worst potholes in your area.

And you didn't disappoint, sending in images of large holes in roads across Dorset.

Affected areas include Dornie Road in Poole, Petersfield Drive at Kings Park, the Bear Cross roundabout, Fulwood Avenue in Bearwood and Beechey Road in Bournemouth.

Daniel Mackett has reported potholes in Fulwood Avenue and at Bear Cross roundabout.

He said: "When I drove into the hole in Fulwood Avenue it sounded catastrophic - there was a huge bang. I'm sure cars will be damaged if it isn't fixed."

Another motorist, who did not want to be named, said there was "an almighty bang" when she drove over a large pothole in Petersfield Drive.

She added: "It is a very deep hole. I haven't had my car checked yet but it didn't sound good."

A BCP Council spokesperson has said: “In November 2019, 408 highway defects, which don’t just include pot holes, were reported to us. While we don’t yet have the final figures for December or January, this number is fairly consistent across the winter months.”

Highway defects also include damaged kerbs, ironwork and blocked gullies.

A recent national survey of 2,000 road users found that potholes top the list of things that irritate drivers, even more infuriating than tailgaters or motorists who fail to use their indicators.

Eight in 10 drivers, cyclists or motorcyclists said they have to navigate potholes every time they use the roads.

The average cost of damage is £130 but one in 20 have been forced to fork out £400 or more.