A HORSE has made a full recovery after suffering a "hideous" eye injury in his field.

Tommo, a 21-year-old Welsh cob, is thought to have caught his eye on a thorn in a hedge alongside the field at Norley Farm Livery, near Lymington.

The horse's owner, maths teacher Kate Collison, discovered the injury when she went to feed him.

Kate, 46, of Lymington: "I was in pieces but the owner of yard and the other people there were truly amazing and hit the ground running.

"All the way to the vets' – it was only ten minutes but it seemed like hours - I was trying to talk to Tommo to calm him but perhaps it was me who needed calming."

Eye expert Anna Jennings was on hand when Tommo arrived at Seadown Veterinary Services in Hythe.

She said: "The horse had sustained an extensive laceration to his lower eyelid. He was admitted to our equine hospital and underwent surgery to repair the damage. Fortunately the eyelid healed well and without any complications."

Norley Farm Livery is owned by retired vet Annie Pollock, who described Tommo's injury as "awful".

She said: "I’m so pleased that everyone rallied round to help out. We all take pride in being part of a little community up here - it makes owning a horse all the more fun.

"I was also very happy to work closely with Seadown to ensure Tommo received the aftercare he needed. He went on to make a full recovery."

The cause of Tommo's accident remains a mystery.

Kate said: "I checked the field thoroughly afterwards and there was absolutely no evidence of anything sharp or any clue as to how Tommo had torn his eyelid.

"We presume it must have been a thorn in the hedgerow that borders the field.

"I was lucky to have found Tommo shortly after the accident happened. It was still a fresh wound with little contamination - and the thorn had miraculously missed his eye.

"I'd like to say a huge 'thank you' to Annie and everyone at Norley Farm Livery for their amazing help with his post-operative care, which went on for weeks.

Kate also paid tribute to Breda McDonagh, the Seadown vet who examined Tommo at Norley Farm Livery and referred him to the equine hospital.

"Breda called every three days after the surgery to monitor Tommo's progress," she said.


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