HOMES and businesses in 40 postcodes across Christchurch, Highcliffe and parts of the New Forest have been hit by a power cut this morning.

Engineers from SSE are working on a fault that's currently affecting properties in the BH23 and BH24 areas.

The electricity company says power should be restored by 2.30pm. It went off just before 11.20am.

A spokesperson from SSE said: "We’re sorry for the loss of supply.

"We currently have a fault affecting the areas. Our engineers are on site working hard to get the power back on as quickly as they can."

Postcodes affected are:

BH23 7AN

BH23 7AP

BH23 7AQ

BH23 7AR

BH23 7AS

BH23 7AT

BH23 7AU

BH23 7AW

BH23 7AX

BH23 7AY

BH23 7AZ

BH23 7BA

BH23 7BB

BH23 7BD

BH23 7BE

BH23 7BG

BH23 7BH

BH23 7BJ

BH23 7BL

BH23 7BP

BH23 7BQ

BH23 7BT

BH23 7BU

BH23 7JZ

BH23 7LA

BH23 7LB

BH23 8EE

BH23 8EJ

BH23 8EL

BH23 8EP

BH23 8ER

BH23 8ES

BH23 8ET

BH23 8EU

BH23 8EW

BH23 8EX

BH24 3BN

BH24 3BW

BH24 4EA

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