DOGS strutted their stuff at a rehoming parade in a pledge to find their forever homes.

Staffordshire and bull breeds were visited by keen foster carers, who were able to bond with each dog at Dorset charity Staffy and Stray Rescue.

Two of the 15 dogs at the parade were found on the streets, and need to be assessed before being placed into a possible new home.

In total, the rescue centre looks after 40 dogs, and devoted themselves to the Staffordshire's and bull breeds due to them being "the most abused and misunderstood breed".

One of those dogs is Timmy, who brought out her best moves on the catwalk on Sunday.

But they have been looking after Misty, who has been with the charity for seven months, for the longest time they have ever taken care of a dog.

Volunteer Danielle Gillingham said: "This has been our best ever turn out for a rehoming parade.

"We really want to find Misty a home as she has been with us the longest, while another dog Timmy was found on the streets.

"People get the chance to interact with dogs they have an interest in at this event - and those looking to foster can look after them for however long they like.

"I have fostered some of the dogs before, which has been from as short as two weeks to seven months. We are always looking for foster homes for the dogs."

Their next rehoming parade takes place on April 19.

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