WHY it is that Brexiteers continue to be so nasty, having, got their way? Is it because they know that leaving the EU is not in the best interests of the UK?

My gut feeling is that by the end of this year, your prime minister won’t have what he promised as a trade deal with the EU. Why on earth would the other 27 members give in to us? Other nations around the world would rather trade with the EU, than the UK.

We are not a world leader. As members of the EU, we were the second strongest economy and we were the third largest, by population. The trouble is that our own politicians did not make the most of our membership. We could have been running the EU, not leaving.

I would not be too surprised if in 2021, after Boris Johnson has been replaced by another unelected Conservative leader, there are cries for another referendum to re-apply to join the EU and this time, we will have to sign up to the euro – assuming our economy is not so weak, that they tell us to, get lost.

As things stand, we could well lose Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Regardless of what your Prime Minister thinks, British business is already in decline and it will now get a lost worse.

Please would anyone tell us what we here in the UK make or produce that cannot be made elsewhere and probably a lot cheaper?

Our own exports are likely to be subject to all sorts of tariffs, and additional laws.

The whole idea that a deal with the US, which is at minimum 3,000 miles away, is going to make up for the loss of our full membership of the EU, is a nonsense. France is 21 miles away, whilst as we all know, Northern Ireland is immediately adjacent to the rest of Ireland.

I genuinely do not understand how so many people voted ‘leave’. Other than they were totally fed up with Brexit. We were all fed up with Brexit, but the solution was to revoke Article 50 and remain.

The Liberal Democrats were not wrong. Nor, were just about half of our entire voting population who still wanted us to remain.

The Brexiteers in my view have not won. It will in fact be their own kind who will possibly suffer, as many are in business.

Council tax is increasing. Business costs are going up. Watch out for changes in the VAT levels. Inheritance tax has not been scrapped. Car road fund tax quietly creeps up each year.

Free TV licences are to be scrapped for the elderly.

Are pensioners or the worse off going to get more to live on? I somehow, doubt it.

Can we Brits now move freely amongst the EU 27 to work and live? No.

Will foreign students go elsewhere? More, than likely.

Could we see civil unrest?

Oh well, as we are forever being told, you, the public voted ‘leave’ and the rest of us can suffer those consequences.


Bisterne Close, Burley