INTERESTING isn’t it that two of Dorset’s leading politicians, who strongly opposed Navitus offshore wind farm – Conor “ideology of man-made climate change” Burns and Mike “greatest achievement is to put an end to Dorset offshore wind farm” Greene – fly to the defence of Beales? And in calling for support for Beales, they accuse the BCP Unity Alliance council of “complicity” in the downfall of this store.

If then we want to talk “complicity”, Mr Burns and Mr Greene, on your track record we are talking complicity in mass destruction of the planet. Ergo global climate destruction – genocide for the human race, if not life on earth. We need all the clean, carbon-free sustainable energy we can harness, including offshore Dorset.

As for town retail, I don’t recall the Tory administration the past ten years launching programmes from government or locally to cut business rates to save hundreds of our high street stores, including in our towns M&S, C&A, Littlewoods, BHS, Thomas Cook, Rumbelows, Maplins, along with dozens of sole traders.

If we want to find common enemies gentlemen, first port of call look at the landlords. The absent landlords. Agents for one block of four outlets in Ashley Road I know for a fact taking in £120,000 a year in lease charges. Enormous profiteering and in that driving businesses out of business.

In all Mr Burns and Mr Greene you need to up your games. Speak up for principles, lower rates, and lower rents, for all properties. And far more cost efficiency in our councils. And taking care of our planet and climate.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone