OBJECTORS have criticised plans for a new Lidl supermarket in Verwood.

The budget chain last year submitted plans for a store in Ringwood Road.

Lidl says the site currently includes two residential properties and an area of undeveloped land used for caravan storage..

One notable objection comes from officials at Verwood Town Council, who said: “We strongly object to the removal of the 200-year-old oak tree, visual impact detrimental to street scene, concerns regarding heavy traffic.”

A resident who lives next to the proposed site said: “The proposed Lidl development and every aspect of the application will make normal living unbearable.”

Morrisons also objected to the plans stating it conflicted with national and local policy.

Exigo, who reviewed the transport information in the application on Morrisons’ behalf, stated they identified issues in the parking proposal and the highways impact assessment.

“There are no parking restrictions on Ringwood Road as such if the proposed car park appears full, people may park on the highway, which would reduce network capacity and create issues with junction visibility as well as driver confusion,” the report read.

It has been suggested by campaigners that the impact of a new Lidl could reduce the town centre Tesco’s turnover by 18 per cent.

Another concerned resident from Ringwood Road wrote: “This proposal is ill thought-out and does not consider any part of the Verwood environment.

"It will increase traffic, pollution, noise, light and air, increase the risk of flooding not only to the site but to the surrounding area, and will shut local retail shops and create a dormitory town.

“A better proposal for the land use would be local low-cost housing.”

Others wrote to support the plans.

John Bridges from Coopers Lane commented: “We only have one supermarket for a growing population of 15,000 plus. The two other food stores are only the size of a corner shop.”

Another said: “I think it is a great idea.

"Verwood and surrounding areas are growing in population so another supermarket would be great.

“There are also very few opportunities for the people of Verwood – especially the younger ones – to get any job experience so this would be a great opportunity for them.”

Dorset Council said the date for a decision has been extended until the end of February as they have requested more information.

The date might get pushed back again depending on the information provided.