CONTRACTORS will be forced to return to a pedestrianised area of Bournemouth to repair damage caused by vandals during a £600,000 revamp.

BCP Council forked out the money to redevelop Beale Place last year, with new landscaping, paving, seating and plants installed.

The work include the addition of several quotes from famous writers, including Frankenstein novelist Mary Shelley, who is buried nearby at St Peter’s Church, and Lord of the Rings author JRR Tolkien.

The area around the latter’s quote, taken from The Fellowship of the Ring and located near Barclays bank, is already showing signs of wear and tear after the area opened in July.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of some damage to an area of the surface material at Beale Place.

“Unfortunately, this damage was caused by vandalism when the works were taking place.

“Our contractor will be fixing this at no cost to the council in spring/summer time as this is the most appropriate time for this material to be laid.”

The project to renovate Beale Place was compiled and signed off by Bournemouth Borough Council prior to the councils merger.

Bournemouth central ward councillor Mike Greene said he had concerns about how situations like the vandalism are being handled by the BCP Council administration.

“I think this is unfortunately indicative of the new administration,” said Cllr Greene.

“They really are not doing the basics very well, looking after this area in particular the has been invested in for the good of business and good of the town.

“I think it is time they pulled their finger out.”

“I cannot say I was a great fan of the quotes but we wanted to improve this area of the town. The redevelopment has made it a much more welcoming and usable space so people want to stay longer. I was very supportive of the overall revamp.

“This damage is disappointing but it is indicative of where the council should be concentrating its efforts.”