A YOUNG driver reportedly borrowed a top end Mercedes he was not insured to drive and was pulled over by police after going through a red light.

Officers from Dorset Police's No Excuse team made the stop in Poole Road, Bournemouth on Thursday evening.

After seeing the vehicle jump through a red light in front of their car, capturing this on video, police stopped the white Mercedes AMG S63, which retails at more than £100,000 new.

An officer from the team said: "The 21-year-old driver hasn't got insurance and had only just borrowed the vehicle to sort his student visa out, ie to travel a short distance.

"Obvious faults with the vehicle already noted include tinted windows and faulty (space invader type) rear lights.

"The vehicle examiner will check the car and give a detailed report."

The officer advised motorists to check their documents, even for short trips and to stop at red lights.