A MEMBER of Echo Camera Club Dorset shared a beautiful moment in Ibsley on January 17.

Pauline Guppy captured a tremendous starling murmuration that occurred around 4pm in the evening for 20 minutes.

After enduring hail and rain in the middle of a field with her friend, starlings eventually emerged from the blue skies and Pauline used her Canon DSLR camera to photograph the epic murmuration.

Pauline said: "It was utterly spectacular and something you will never forget. They flew right over my head."

Small groups of starlings started to fly in from all angles, which eventually formed one big murmuration, creating an amazing aerial display.

With January to February being the best time to witness a murmuration, Pauline and her friend were keen to capture the event from their vantage point in the fields in Ibsley.

Many pictures were taken, and Pauline's images prompted members of the Camera Club to consider what shapes can be seen within the pictures.

Thousands of starlings took to the skies, creating an abundance of intriguing shapes.

One Camera Club member said: "This one looks like the shape of a giant bird in the sky!" while one of the pictures reminded Pauline of a Transformer.

The beauty of the subject isn't the only thing that makes photography special for Pauline.

She explained: "I have been taking photos for about 35 years and I have always been drawn to nature. Nature photography helps my depression as I can keep focused and escape.

"Taking photos like that of the murmuration can really boost my mood."

Here at The Echo we can see a mermaids tail, a large bird, a bow tie, a whale's tail and a worm.

Let us know what shapes you can see in Pauline's pictures.

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