Clearly, four years out of the spotlight has not dampened Bombay Bicycle Club’s musical mastership - or the audience’s blatant adoration of the London band.

Entering the stage to a barrage of cheers, screams and yells, the four-piece must have been assured that their decision to reunite was the right one.

With strobe lighting and ultraviolet projections throughout, the atmosphere was electric from the get go. Every single song had the audience singing along - although the greatest reaction came with the beginning bars of Shuffle, clearly a crowd favourite.

In recognition of 2019 marking 10 years since the release of their debut album, Bombay Bicycle Club headed back to their roots and performed some of their very first hits, once again to the delight of the audience.

Yet the show was all about Everything Else Has Gone Wrong, the band’s newest album released earlier this month. The title track saw the stage illuminated red as the heavy beats played out, the crowd singing loudly to every word. Despite the relative newness of the album, compared to their long-established former records, Everything Else Has Gone Wrong seems to have struck a definite chord with fans. Good Day and Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You) were particular gems, though it seems likely that many of this album’s tracks will become classics.

The band’s performance served as a reminder that they are far from finished in the world of music. Presenting an eclectic mix of genres, from indie and electronic to pop and even jazz, they have something to offer everyone and a song to appease all tastes. Bombay Bicycle Club are well and truly back.