IT HAS been nearly four years since Prince passed away but his influence and the love of his music is as strong as ever.

Very few artists come along that have the impact he did and who even years after they are gone continue to generate interest and inspire people the world over.

Friday night's New Purple Celebration show is a perfect example of how people still love to play, listen and dance along to the music of someone who can quite rightly be called a genius.

This is not a show that starts slow and gradually builds the atmosphere to a finale. Jimi and the band hit the stage running and keep up the pace all night. By the start of the third song half the crowd were already on their feet and dancing away. At one point there must have been thirty people on the stage as Jimi and the band were joined by members of the crowd when they were invited to get up and dance.

The two-and-a-half-hour set list covers the entirety of Prince’s career taking in all of the hits that you would expect. Lets Go Crazy, I Would Die 4 U, Cream and of course show-closer Purple Rain as well as numbers that may not have been so well-known. All were delivered with the same driving bass line and enthusiasm that make this such a great show.

The combination of brass section, keyboards, drums and excellent vocals recreate the songs and have the crowd loving every second of the show. Jimi and the band are doing a fantastic job of keeping the music alive and doing so by creating a vibe and excitement that Prince himself would be proud of and you can't ask for more than that.