A DOG who was found in an "appalling state" with suspected chemical burns to his face has now found his forever home.

Rex, a little 4 year old Terrier came into the Wingletang Rescue and Rehoming Centre’s care in December.

The animal welfare team, part of Margaret Green Animal Rescue, were so shocked that they immediately made an appointment for Rex to see their vet Chris Warren at Westmoor Veterinary Hospital in Devon.

The team feared how the injury had happened and what Rex must have gone through.

The vet’s believed that the wounds were caused from a suspected chemical or acid burn.

The scarring is so bad on Rex’s face that he now has no eyelids and struggles to even blink.

When he was burnt it not only caused damage to his face but also to his ear, which led to an infection that would not recover without surgery.

The shelter desperately appealed to the public to help raise funds for Rex's operation in December.

The team were able to raise the money needed in six days and a further astonishing £900.

In total, the public donated £2,600 to help Rex.

Rex had two operations in one day to have his ear canal removed and then treat and remove the infection.

A spokesperson from the shelter said: "Rex is such a loving, affectionate soul who loves nothing more than sitting on a lap and having cuddles, which he has been receiving in abundance.

"He has been pampered with daily facials that moisturise his delicate skin around his face.

"Sadly, this isn’t the first time this year that the charity have seen injuries like this and they really hope that it isn’t going to become a frequent sight, seeing animals in this much distress is heart breaking for everyone."

Now, Rex has found his forever home with a new couple.

Rex will now be able to continue on his road to recovery in a environment, which will be better for him, and enhance his recovery.

Margaret Green Animal Rescue rehomes and rescues around 1200 animals a year and believes that every animal deserves to live its life free from distress and pain, and enjoy physical and psychological stimulation.

The rescue has three sites at Church Knowle near Wareham, Lincoln Farm near Blandford and Wingletang near Tavistock Devon.