THE government’s approval of the local hospital trust's plan to re-organise its provision at Bournemouth and Poole Hospitals appears to completely ignore the need to comply with local planning requirements.

All the recent permissions granted for Bournemouth Hospital acknowledged that the current highway infrastructure cannot cope and therefore if any expansion occurs at this site it will create complete deadlock.

To try and improve the existing pressure, the hospital supported the new link road, which at present is not due to be completed, but it should be stressed that this road was only going to assist with existing traffic not any additional traffic movements.

The hospital has the same duty as any other employer to comply with planning requirements and if the planning committee fulfils its duties, I fail to see how any further expansion can be permitted without drastic highway alterations .

From the way in which these proposals are being presented, it would appear that the hospital thinks that it can do what it likes.


Meon Road, Bournemouth