A SCREENING of an original film by a Bournemouth resident is taking place in Southbourne on January 24.

Steven Murphy has released his third feature film entitled 'Relentless' that follows the story of an ex-convict released from prison.

Set in one day, the film sees ex-convict Jake come to the aid of a young prostitute from a gang.

With only one day to start his new life again, Jake has to decide whether he wants to leave to start his new life or help his new found friend, Ava.

Steven explained his inspiration for the film: "This genre really plays to my strengths, I'm not really a romantic comedy writer. I was inspired by films such as JOE, starring Nicolas Cage. 'Relentless' is also very character driven and focuses on the father-daughter relationship between the two characters."

Touring at various festivals has enabled Steven to share his work with thousands of people across the U.K.

Now, he hopes to show 'Relentless' to the people of Southbourne at Pavillion Dance, Bournemouth for the first time.

The screening will take place on January 24 at 7pm.

Despite his success over the years with the production of three, original feature films, one of which is now on Amazon Prime, Steven's road to success was bumpy.

He explained: "After finishing school I auditioned for a Drama course twice and was turned down both times, having been told 'I wouldn't fit in'. I drifted in and out of jobs for 15 years until I was 31.

"I tried again and undertook a Drama degree at Bournemouth and Winchester University."

Following that, Steven won a film scholarship in New York as a result of his film 'Doorways', but was unable to go due to a broken leg.

Steven said: "I had to make the film myself. I jumped into the experience and got it done."

Since then, Steven has never looked back.

Over the years he has improved and developed as a writer, director and actor, bringing stories from his imagination to life.

Steve explained the power of a great character: "A good character is very important. If you care about the characters, you can do anything."

To find out more about 'Relentless' and Steven's films, visit his website: https://www.hardworkfilms.co.uk/

Steven is also holding a Bournemouth Film Festival on August 29, where details can be found on his website.