A TEENAGE boy has been cleared of robbing a 16-year-old at Winton Rec during the summer – but his friend has admitted having pepper spray and a blade disguised as a pen.

The boys appeared at youth court last week after an incident at the ground in Fitzharris Avenue, Winton at 2.45am on Wednesday, August 28 2019.

It was claimed that the complainant was approached by a group, members of which hit him over the head, causing him to lose consciousness.

When he came around, the complainant was allegedly threatened with a knife and his bag stolen.

The complainant suffered minor injuries to his head, for which he was treated in hospital.

Two boys – a 16-year-old from Bournemouth and a 16-year-old from New Milton – were charged following the incident.

The Bournemouth boy was charged with robbery, which was dropped by prosecutors at the hearing.

However, he admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm against the same complainant, as well as a second charge of dishonestly receiving stolen goods which belonged to the boy.

Both offences were committed at the rec, it was heard.

He was remanded on bail ahead of a sentencing hearing next month.

As part of his bail conditions, he will have to comply with a curfew between 10pm and 7am every day.

He was also ordered not to visit Winton Rec or be in the company or more than two people under the age of 18 in public.

The New Milton boy admitted possessing a knife and a weapon designed or adapted for the discharge of a noxious liquid in connection with the incident.

He was referred to a youth offender panel for an order having effect for six months.

He must also pay a surcharge and costs, and the weapons – a blade and pepper spray – will be destroyed by police.

None of those involved in the incident can be named for legal reasons.