A PROMISING MMA fighter who battered a stranger's teeth in during a street fight in Bournemouth was told to "grow up" by a judge this week.

Leon Staddon, of Jewell Road in Townsend, punched and kicked Oktay Kaymaz as the two brawled in Old Christchurch Road.

Mr Kaymaz lost his two front teeth during the fight. He also suffered a suspected fracture to a cheekbone.

Staddon, now 21, appeared at Bournemouth Crown Court for sentence on Monday morning after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm against Mr Kaymaz, and a separate charge of assaulting the victim's cousin Kalach Hasan by beating him.

The incident happened near Revolution on March 11 2018.

David Jenkins, prosecuting, showed CCTV footage to the court which showed a friend of Staddon's initially becoming involved in a fight with the victims. Although Staddon initially tried to separate the men, he then got involved in the row, throwing punches and knocking Mr Kaymaz to the ground.

As the victim tried to rise, Staddon was seen kicking out at him. He then punched him to the head, causing him to fall back to the ground.

Mr Kaymaz suffered a number of injuries, including the loss of his front teeth and a cut to his lip that required stitches. He travelled to Turkey to have work undertaken to his injuries, which has already cost some £5,000, the court heard.

Roderick Blain, mitigating, said the row began after Staddon made a "humorous" comment to the victims. Mr Kaymaz reacted badly to the comment and had to be restrained by Mr Hasan and a third man, it was heard.

"This is wholly exceptional [behaviour]," Mr Blain said.

"He is devastated by what he has done."

Staddon, a plasterer, is an older brother to siblings aged seven and three, it was heard. He was supported in court by his mum and stepfather.

Judge Stephen Climie urged him to take responsibility to ensure his brother and sister don't end up in trouble in the future.

"He has significant responsibility to them," he told Mr Blain.

"If he sees me again in the next two years, he will be leaving the court through the back door. I guarantee it."

Sentencing Staddon to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, as well as 200 hours of unpaid work and £5,000 in compensation for Mr Kaymaz, the judge told the defendant: "You behaved stupidly when in drink.

"You may have thought you were amusing in some way, shape or form, but as you saw as a result of that incident, it quickly turned into aggression."

He told Staddon: "If I see you again in the next two years, I will send you to prison."

Staddon replied: "You won't, sir."

As the defendant left the dock, Judge Climie said: "Grow up."