SHORTLY after we revealed that Beales could be set to go into administration within a few days on Sunday, nearly 400 of our readers expressed their thoughts on our Facebook page.

Disappointment was evident amongst the comments, but no one was particularly surprised at the news.

High business rates and difficult trading is what Chief Executive and owner of Beales, Tony Brown believes to be the issue.

However, Louis Dean Davis believes that the "demise of the High Street" is the result of online shopping.

He explained: "Why are companies going to pay increasing business rates for a High Street spot, when online, overheads are much lower and business is much easier.

"I hate online shopping, but unfortunately, it's become the norm."

Others conveyed their sadness at the news.

Sue Dunn said: "Very sad to hear, but I'm unfortunately not 100 per cent surprised. I am just relieved that none of my ancestors are around now. They gave so much of themselves to build up this store and company and took so much pride in it."

Janis Pozzetti added: "Beales is the last of the original stores in Bournemouth. It is such a shame."

The significance of how a business is run, was also touched upon.

Sarah Lane said: "So very sad, but when a family company is no longer in the family hands and starts to expand too fast into areas which have no loyalty to the firm, then it is no surprise."

Sharon Weedon elaborated on this point, emphasising the importance of modern development.

She said: "Unfortunately if these large companies do not move with the times they will disappear. Retail is hard work and struggling at the moment because of the different ways people now shop."

The £3m loss that the company revealed last year could be the result of not moving with the times.

For some readers, it emphasises the work that needs to be done by the BCP Council.

Catherine-Ann Shannessy said: "BCP need to remember that a tourist town needs more than beaches to survive, especially with the British climate. Decent shopping attracts out of season visitors that perhaps have some money to spend."

Philip Organ added: "If there was free parking up to two hours before charges apply in the town centre, I’m sure more people would spend time and money."

The news of Beales' potential demise from Bournemouth High Street did not upset or disappoint all of our readers.

Lots of people expressed their relief at the 'outdated' store facing administration, reiterating the belief that Beales needed to move forward from the past to ensure profit and success.

Sarah Holmes said: "It won't be missed. A mismatch of half outdated stock. Some great staff but lots dislike having their chatting interrupted by customers. I am sure they will blame the council or economy and not the fact that an overhaul was long overdue."

Finding better, cheaper options online was also a discussion point due to the ease of shopping and performing other tasks online.

Marc Anthony Cattini said: "Times have changed. I like so many people do shopping, banking, insurance, tax, bill's etc online. Hence I rarely visit shops."

With many comments highlighting the importance of maintaining a thriving High Street in Bournemouth to ensure success within local businesses, it is clear that the majority of our readers still enjoy shopping in person and want something to be done in order to keep Bournemouth High Street alive.

But, as Rod Hughes said: "Another one bites the dust."