ALMOST £2 million could be spent by BCP Council on the rebuild of homes in a Bournemouth estate it says are “no longer fit for purpose”.

A report published ahead of Wednesday’s cabinet meeting says the two houses and eight flats in Luckham Road have such serious structural problems that they need to be demolished.

And it says this would provide an opportunity to redevelop the site at the junction with Charminster Road for better quality ‘affordable’ family homes.

“The existing properties present ongoing significant maintenance issues for BCP Council which are not sustainable,” the report says. “Coupled with the significant structural issues, the houses are considered no longer lettable.

“These homes therefore require demolition.

“The site presents an opportunity for redevelopment and the building of better quality family affordable homes in their place.”

Residents of the existing homes are in the process of being moved elsewhere by the council to facilitate the project.

Plans drawn up by the council would see three three-bedroom houses; two two-bedroom flats; and four one-bedroom flats built on the plot.

"This tenure mix has been developed after consideration of numerous factors

including the need for financial viability and return, housing demands, site

specifics and the need to ensure a sustainable community," the report adds. "The council housing management team, property maintenance team and the strategic housing options team have been closely involved in the development of this scheme."

"This will help ensure that it adequately meets housing needs and is designed in such a way to be sustainable and to enable good quality housing management."

The development is expected to cost £1.85 million - £939,000 of which would be borrowed – with more than half a million pounds of Right to Buy receipts used.

Under the current plans, once built the homes would be made available on an affordable rent basis.

Cabinet members will be asked to sign off the scheme when they meet on Wednesday.