CLEARLY AFC Bournemouth are going through the toughest period since Eddie Howe took control of the team some 10 years ago.

After years of continual success and achievement at the club, we are now in troubled times and who knows how the season may finish.

Whatever happens and whether we play in the championship or the premiership next season, I believe I speak on behalf of thousands of fans when I say that there is only one man we want to lead us into the future whichever league we are in.

Eddie Howe has been a truly inspiring leader of this club and taken us on a journey that nobody would ever have thought possible just a few short years ago.

The club has continually punched above its weight and played some magnificent football. Yes, we are struggling now and the performances we expect are not there but now is the time to give maximum support to Eddie and the team.

A few poor results and a bad run of form does not mean Eddie has become a bad manager. He is the man for today, tomorrow and the future.


Maxwell Road, Bournemouth