A BOURNEMOUTH University official said he is "disappointed" by inaccurate social media rumours that a man covered with blood had been spotted at the Talbot Campus yesterday.

As reported, armed police rushed to the campus yesterday after a 'man with a suicide vest on' was seen.

However, it turned out the alarm was raised after a concerned member of the public spotted a jogger in fitness gear.

The NPAS helicopter was seen circling over the campus near Wallisdown for hours after the alert was raised.

Students reported seeing a 'man covered with blood trying to get into the student union building', while others said there was a gunman at the site.

Jim Andrews, chief operating officer at Bournemouth University, said: "We were asked by police to close our buildings for a short period of time while an investigation on our campus took place. This investigation took place swiftly; after which we were informed that our buildings could be reopened.

"We were disappointed to see the factually inaccurate reports on social media and have reassured members of our community that they were safe for the duration of this incident.

"We have also reminded them of the wellbeing support available at the university.

"This type of incident is rare and I would like to extend my thanks to all members of our community who were patient with us while we supported the police in their investigation."

Police confirmed there was no danger some two hours after the lockdown began.

Officers were called at 2.33pm after a man was spotted near Boundary Roundabout.

A police spokesperson said: "An initial report suggested the man was wearing something that resembled a suicide vest.

"As a precaution, the university was put on lockdown as searches of the area were carried out.

"Officers attended the scene and undertook an investigation, including a review of CCTV footage, and it was established it was believed to be someone running in a fitness vest."

There were closures in place around the university for the duration of the incident. Security staff manned all buildings to keep students inside.