ARMED police rushed to a Bournemouth University campus on Friday afternoon after a 'man with a suicide vest on' was seen – but it turned out it was a jogger in fitness gear.

The NPAS helicopter was seen circling over the Talbot Campus near Wallisdown for hours after the alert was raised.

Students reported seeing a 'man covered with blood trying to get into the student union building', while others said there was a gunman at the site.

However, some two hours after a lockdown at the university began, police confirmed there was no danger.

Officers were called at 2.33pm after a man was spotted near Boundary Roundabout.

A police spokesperson said: "An initial report suggested the man was wearing something that resembled a suicide vest.

"As a precaution, the university was put on lockdown as searches of the area were carried out.

"Officers attended the scene and undertook an investigation, including a review of CCTV footage, and it was established it was believed to be someone running in a fitness vest.

"The lockdown has now been lifted.

"We do not believe there is any further cause for concern or threat to the public."

The force Tweeted a further statement this afternoon, which reads: "The report was made to Dorset Police in good faith and as the public would expect we have an obligation to follow up these reports to ensure the safety of members of the local community."

There were closures in place around the university for the duration of the incident. Security staff manned all buildings to keep students inside.

Those held in libraries and other buildings posted on social media about their concerns.

Oliver McManus, a first year journalism student, told the Daily Echo: "The campus was put on lockdown, and no one was able to get in or out of any of the university buildings.

"Security officials were placed on the doors of each of the buildings."

Toby Foster, a second year student, said: "Everyone was trying to keep calm.

"There was a bit of confusion about the whole situation.

"People were calling family and friends to find out what was going on."

He said rumours circulated that a man with a knife was seen on the campus.

Others mistakenly said there was a 'shooter' at the site.

Officials from Bournemouth University had called for calm as the incident began, and one urged students not to speculate.

After the lockdown was lifted, one said: "We'd like to thank all staff for their help and support during this incident."