CHIEF Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunak has confirmed Dorset Police will be bolstered by 50 new police officers, with another 120 planned over the next two years.

Mr Sunak was speaking at the House of Commons in response to a question by South Dorset MP Richard Drax.

Mr Drax said: "We welcome the 50 new police officers for Dorset that we fought so hard to get and 120 more are planned over the next two years.

"Can my right honourable friend please confirm that we will definitely get these extra officers for Dorset?”

The minister replied: "I am pleased to give that reassurance. That is why the Chancellor committed in the spending review to specific additional funding of £750 million for the first year, for the first 6,000, and additional funding will follow to ensure that we deliver on the commitment of 20,000 new officers across the country.”