TWO children raised £100 to give to the health bus in Bournemouth, which gives homeless people the opportunity to see a doctor and get health care.

Zac and Finn Swift, 6 and 9, decided to raise the money after walking through Bournemouth gardens past a number of homeless people.

Mum Donna, 41, said: “It started when Finn watched all the adverts that appear at this time of year. We did two or three donations and he kept saying ‘mummy can we do this one, can we do this one.’

“In completely inappropriate fashion, I snapped and said we can’t help everybody. He went away, gave it some thought and came back an hour later and said ‘but mum you told me I could change the world.'”

Donna said they came up with the idea to choose one charity a year as a family and it was Zac’s choice to help the homeless.

“It’s amazing that people their age can give us the focus that we need,” Donna continued.

“They are very privileged. Although it doesn’t give them perspective like you and I, it’s age appropriate. They understand there are people out there who need help and they want to do it.”

Zac and Finn, who attend St. Ives primary school in Ringwood, raised the money by doing chores and selling their toys.

Finn said: “We are going to try do it every year. I feel like we’ve helped people.”

The bus helps approximately 200 people a year get vital health care which is otherwise unavailable to them.

Maggie Kirk, a doctor for the bus, said: “We had one guy who was in his 60s, he had not seen a doctor since he was a child.

“We need about £60,000 a year but it’s always worth it. It saves lives. People on the streets can’t see a GP so they come here.

“The thing we need the most is regular funding. At the moment we are relying on donations like this but we would really like the NHS to pay for this.”