DOUBLE yellow lines could be introduced on three roads in West Moors in a bid to stop parked cars blocking junctions for buses and emergency vehicles.

Waiting restrictions on Denewood Road, Highfield Road and The Avenue were requested in 2014 after Yellow Buses withdrew its service through the village partly due to difficulties with access.

The request will be considered by Dorset Council on Wednesday but objectors have described the move as “unnecessary” and a “waste of council time and money”.

Originally Yellow Buses rerouted its service through the village after drivers struggled to get past vehicles parked on the ends of the roads.

This was then cancelled outright, although discussions are now being held about bringing back a service, including use of The Avenue.

Members of Dorset Council’s eastern planning committee will be asked to give their backing to the proposals when they meet on Wednesday.

“Double yellow lines will help enforce no parking around junctions or opposite junctions,” a report by senior technical officer Jessica Cutler, published ahead of the meeting, says.

“This proposal was initially requested to encourage a bus to return.

“Notwithstanding this, it is important that access for emergency vehicles is improved so that emergency vehicles can always easily access residential areas.”

The proposals were put out for public consultation last year with six people objecting to double yellow lines being used.

One said larger vehicles should not be encouraged to use the roads due to the risk they cause to the safety of pedestrians.

And concerns were also raised they would reduce the amount of parking available in the area.

Despite these, councillors will be asked to support the introduction of the restrictions ahead of a final decision being made in the coming weeks.

Although no bus route runs through the area, Yellow Buses has held discussions with the council about reintroducing a service.

The firm has made a request for financial support, despite no funding having been allocated in the council’s budget.