A NEW AI recognition litter box should help detect deadly diseases in cats before it's too late.

Cats are quite capable of withstanding pain; hiding any signs of discomfort they may be experiencing.

This means that the quickest way to tell your kitty's condition is through its litter.

LuluPet has developed an intelligent litter box solution which combines with AI image restoration technology.

The litter box automatically detects cat litter condition and helps look for abnormalities in the cat’s body in places where cat owners cannot.

Among the top ten causes of death for domestic cats, seven were feces-related diseases.

Cats are born with natural concealers of their own weaknesses, making it difficult for owners to find out whether their pet is in pain.

Research by LululPet has revealed that a cat’s kidneys are 70 per cent damaged by the time the owner suspects an illness and brings the cat to the veterinarian.

The organ damage is not only irreversible, but subsequent medical fees may cost more than £900.

According to the Bristol stool scale, cat feces may be divided into seven categories, ranging from constipation to diarrhoea.

Constipation may be caused by the pressing of a tumour, while symptoms of diarrhoea may be the result of common systemic diseases such as kidney failure.

This intelligent litter box works mainly by detecting with lenses whether the cat is urinating or littering.

It not only detects littering frequency and litter weight but also the condition of the litter.

After judging litter conditions through the use of AI image restoration, it uses this data to notify the owner of the cat's health.

A cat’s behaviour of burying their litter is nothing to worry about, as the intelligent litter box combines cat identification, weighing, fur identification and AI image restoration technologies.

The litter box comes with two AI systems: one for litter analysis, and another that analyses clumping between litter and litter box material.

The latter attempts to reconstruct litter shape and present it to the former for confirmation, and the company claim that the litter box can currently identify litter with an accuracy of up to 90 per cent.

The Intelligent litter box keeps a record of cat conditions that often go unnoticed by the owner.

LuluPet says that it also plans to further develop its AI and allow it to conduct initial diagnostics via stool observation the day after enough data has been collected.