I HAVE seen your article about the bus station. It's disgusting in that bus station, dark and dingy, and the kids are intimidating people getting off the bus. The language – even the girls are as bad.

The bus station needs to be opened up to more light. When I come home from work, I will not get the bus. I walk so I don't have to use the bus station. It shouldn't be like that. Perhaps the parents ought to be fined as well as the kids but course we don't have many police in the area.

You have the beggars in the town and there is nothing for the young people or families without costing too much money. We are losing our shops, we are going to have a cinema. I don't know why when we have Lighthouse.

They’re building so many flats in Poole. What is the good of that when there are no shops and when so many doctors’ surgeries are over-prescribed, like our schools and hospitals?

Our council has spent too much money on the Twin Sails Bridge and making the roads wider coming in to Poole and putting walkways with gardens near busy roads. Perhaps BCP ought to re-think and spend the money getting our town back. It’s about time they asked what the people want. It’s disgusting the way Poole has become.

I live in in South Road and it looks run-down and horrible. Poole needs help to get back on its feet once again and we should feel safe walking through the bus station and our streets because there a lot of people who still work in and around Poole and we should not feel intimidated by anyone .


South Road, Poole