I RECENTLY read your reports of the huge water park proposed to be located at Hurn in the midst of our rapidly disappearing green belt. A projected opening date for this 75 acre monster is said to be in 2023 and will attract up to 920,000 visitors per year.

To date all we can see is an artist’s impression of a huge indoor tropical park which will be the largest indoor water park in the UK

One presumes some heavyweight companies and serious finance have been involved in this massive venture. However from the publicly available information the company involved is Elysium Water Park UK Ltd which was incorporated in November 2018 and has one director and a share capital of £1.

May I suggest that before serious thought is given to this project by BCP. It should await the result of an outline planning application and the provision of much more information on issues such as the threat to the nearby SSSI, the huge influx of traffic and the resulting traffic congestion in this area


Bridge Street, Christchurch